Case Studies
Dr. Robert Cegielski Vancouver Cosmetic Dentist

“We want every patient to leave with a smile on their face, it’s a commitment we take very seriously”

Cosmetic Dental Case Study

Performed by Dr. Robert Cegielski in Vancouver, BC

Chief Complaint:

“I don’t love my smile. I’m a bit self-conscious about the color.”


Mild-to-moderate, generalized wear. Existing dental resin that was placed was discolored and did not match the existing tooth structure. Slight cant present in patient’s existing occlusal plane.

Dental Treatment:

Smile design involving minor soft tissue re-contouring, 10 bonded E.max Veneers.

This solution addressed the patient’s wear and corrected the mild cant, providing a smile line in a more harmonious relationship with the lips and face. A more youthful, vibrant shade was selected to enhance the patient’s smile.


Alyson now LOVES showing off her smile!