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“For dental professionals, continuing education is essential to ensure the highest standard of care is maintained”

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Life is indeed a journey and mine has taken me to some amazing places around the world where I have met some great people. Some of the most amazing people I have met in my life, however, were actually through my dental clinic. I hope I have the opportunity in my life to meet many more amazing people

Dr. Cegielski is known by his patients and colleges to be a welcoming, kind and enthusiastic professional and the environment he’s created in his dental clinic reflects that nature. Patient care is Dr. Cegielski’s primary concern and he takes immense pride in ensuring that each patient that enters the office leaves with a smile on their face.

While his first love is the profession of dentistry, life outside of work for Dr. Cegielski consists of spending time with his beautiful girlfriend, dear friends, and his mom. Dr. Cegielski also loves the water, especially boating and heading to the lake on weekends with friends. Through travel, Dr. Cegielski has had the opportunity to enjoy some of the most incredible culinary experiences, which began an appreciation for collecting wine.

Dental Care Philosophy

What makes you smile? This is a question I have asked my patients and friends for a long time now. You see, we all have reasons for doing what we do and being who we are, but how often do we really sit down to take the time and evaluate what makes us smile? For some it’s a loved one, a vacation or a feeling of being apart of something larger. At Pier Dental Centre, that’s what drives us … being a part of something larger than ourselves. Being a part of someone else’s reason to smile. We have a large family centered, general dentistry practice that serves the North Shore and surrounding areas with an extremely talented and highly educated team. The goal for us is to gain and maintain proper health and function for our community.

Our goal is to leave you with an impressionable experience each and every time you come to visit. We consider it an absolute honour to be able to serve you and never take for granted the fact that you had a choice in dental professionals and you chose us. We want to do more than just make you smile… we want to help serve you in all areas of your dental health from cleanings to reconstructive dentistry and everything in between. We are family and friends away from your everyday friends and family. So to go back to that question… what makes you smile? Everyone has a different response, which is what makes us love and appreciate our patients. I want to be a part of what it is that makes you smile! So… what makes you smile?

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Dr. Robert Cegielski Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Robert Cegielski Cosmetic Dentist

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